Cryptocurrency Trading Isn't The Future, It Is The Present And The Future. Welcome Aboard.

Trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin without owning the underlying assets. Or, you can diversify your portfolio with just one trade.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency With EFEXFX?

CFDs are a popular way for EFEXFX clients to trade cryptocurrencies. By using CFDs, you can make speculations about the price of cryptocurrencies without having to invest any capital ownership of the underlying assets.

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

The purpose of cryptocurrency CFD trades is to speculate on the price movement of a cryptocurrency without having to own the underlying coins.

How do cryptocurrency trades benefit you?

By using leverage, you can increase your exposure to the price and invest long or short without incurring exchange account costs.

What is the best way to trade cryptocurrencies?


Create a CFD trading account


Identify an opportunity


Decide on a course of action


Keep track of your trading