You can gain a competitive edge with EFEXFX!

It is EFEXFX’s number one priority to ensure that our platforms provide our clients with the widest selection of assets. We also strive to provide comprehensive guidance, while providing you with the best trading conditions.

Trading on the platform is possible with the following assets:


The value of gold has always been a major economic influence. It is associated with many currencies and has always been a gainful commodity. Gold’s value is therefore enormously important. The trading of gold has increased significantly recently. Physical amounts of gold are not necessarily as large as what can be purchased in various quantities. Investing in gold through EFEXFX in various quantities is possible anywhere in the world.

USD is the currency most often used to trade gold. Gold can be traded with Euros as well as any other existing currency.


With its industrial versatility, Silver is viewed as a precious metal of double economic significance. The characteristics of Silver make it one of the best and most preferable investments. There is a positive trend in Silver while gold prices are hesitating. A fluctuating market can affect Silver’s value in a big way. The solar arena is one of the most demanding markets for silver.


Compared to other trading assets, this one stands out for its unique nature. OPEC reports, inventory terms, and climate changes are all factors to be considered when trading oil. Despite this, oil is the second most traded commodity after gold, with an impressive number of daily turnovers.


As a rare resource, natural gas is often uncertain in terms of its overall quantity. Due to the political climate, many innovations regarding its exploration and discovery, and countless political factors, it is incredibly difficult to predict where this asset will be located. Make sure you thoroughly research gas before investing in it. Our users receive daily, 24/7 support from EFEXFX. We have a dedicated team of professionals handling all inquiries and issues regarding gas trading and other commodities.


There are many ways to sort and analyze indexes, including sorting by location, exchange, or many other factors. As well as providing indices to traders, this section also helps them to value the formation of certain stock groups. As among many other indices, the most traded ones are the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE and NASDAQ. With EFEXFX, you can invest in global indices very easily and flexibly.